Snow Day!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My first snow day of the year was today and I am thankful. However after only going to school for two days it wasn't really needed but hey no complaints here. I slept in, ate a nice breakfast, snuggled with the puppy, just relaxing before heading out into the blistering cold for a dr.'s appointment. I thought about rescheduling but I figured I needed to get my arthritis meds in because right hand swelled up a bit last night and it hurts pretty bad.

I should be grading a mountain of papers but I just can't get myself to do it...and I need to plan tomorrow's lesson. I should feel more motivated after coming back from a week and half break but I feel more sluggish than ever. Winter is a difficult season for me to get through, I really have to work to get myself to do just about anything. But I do try...I am in charge of my school's Biggest Loser competition this year and I am taking a workout break until Monday so I can make some progress during that actual competition. I have been working out with EA Sports Active for the Wii and let me tell you it is amazing! I keep calling it a game but it is an f'ing personal trainer kicking my ass. After the first workout my legs were so sore, but I always think that is a good feeling, makes me feel like I have a accomplished something.

New Year's Eve was a lot of fun, we went to our friends, Natalie and Joel's house for some low-key entertainment. It was nice not to have to battle any crowds or get all gussied up to go out and spend a bajillion dollars on warm beer and watered down drinks. However, the New Year's Eve tv shows were a huge letdown...they were so boring! Whatever happened to Dick Clarke's New Year's Rockin' Eve? Carson Daly was about as entertaining as dry toast. Can you spot the blooper in the picture above? Chris' mom had some leftover party hats from years past and so we totally rung in 2002 instead of 2010, hah!

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