Ivy Outta Here!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back with more updates to the outdoors, this one courtesy of the boyfriend. When we moved in, our flower bed/retaining wall was pretty sad looking...overgrown ivy, a stumpy looking hosta that didn't bloom for 3 months, and a bush that turned out to be an azalea. There was about a two week stretch in the summer where it looked half way decent but the rest of time it was a sad sight.

Here is the state of things as of Saturday afternoon. Eck. We probably could have kept the hosta and azalea which would bloom next year but the ivy was strangling just about everything. We tried to pull just the ivy on multiple occasions but we wanted  to pull our hair out after about 2.2 seconds of wrangling it. So like Borders, we decided EVERYTHING. MUST. GO.

There isn't much to this story except the roots to everything were deep and the boyfriend's back hurt afterwards. You would have thought that he was digging a hole to China for how long it took him because he kept getting distracted by things like finding just the right song to dig to, shiny objects a snake, etc.
Of course I had to take a pic of the tiniest snake ever that had made its home in the ivy. Sorry my slithering friend but it ain't yo' home no mo! Check it out...

We plan on putting some colorful mums there this weekend for the start of autumn or at least I hope we do, I don't really know anything about flowers so I am assuming we can still plant something for it to look pretty through the fall.

Is it the weekend yet? I am ready to get back outside and tackle the rest of my projects!

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